Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sideline Observations….the Biden/Palin debate and going forward…..

I had planned to write a lengthy piece about the last “debate”, but it’s a cold trail and there’s not much I can add to Rachel Madow’s description of Palin as frenetic, folksy and cartoonish (my mind wanders to Boris and Natasha as I ponder the Republican ticket) and Chris Matthews' observation on her spelling bee-like performance. Senator Biden, I felt, was infinitely more genuine and certainly more effective in presenting his campaign’s message although traversing the politically correct minefield he faced seemed to put him a little off his game. And if Hannity and Buchanan and that crowd seriously believe that she “knocked it out of the park” in any sense other than waking/exciting the right-wing activist drones then they raise serious questions re their intellectual acumen and honesty.

I’ve decided to refer to the Republican candidates as the “Palin/McCain” ticket from this point forward because, given his age and increasing concerns re his mental competence and reality testing, it just seems to make sense to give her at least equal billing. And if the thought of either or both of them attaining the Oval Office doesn’t scare the hell out of any thoughtful person who is aware of the serious challenges this nation faces I don’t know what could.

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