Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hillary Clinton and the politics of fear and personal destruction

Well, the Clinton machine has kicked it into high gear...a sure sign their internal polls tell them they have serious reason to be concerned. I can only hope and pray that the Iowan audience they are playing to possesses sufficient sophistication to see through the deceptive and malicious attacks on Senator Obama because the choice they make on January 3 may shape the direction of this presidential campaign and ultimately our country's future. My Christmas wish is that they will reject the politics of fear and personal destruction and take a leap of faith and hope by voting for Senator Obama--a man of character and vision who offers the promise of a new and different way of addressing our national and global priorities. Waxing a bit nostalgic here during the holiday season--remembering a time when we came together as a nation to address wrongs and achieve lofty goals, a time when all the world looked to America as a beacon of liberty and freedom and courage. I know in my heart Senator Obama can take us back there.

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