Saturday, December 22, 2007

Iowa Caucus Participants--A Vote for Hillary Now May Lead to "Present" Vote in General Election

The latest ploy of the Hilton attack machine has been to cite Senator Obama's "present" votes during his tenure in the Illinois state senate--ignoring how infrequently this occurred and the underlying strategy for such actions. Most commonly such a vote reflected a dissatisfaction with flawed legislation. My fear is that if Hillary's politics of fear and personal destruction succeeds in swaying the Iowa caucus participants and ultimately propels her to a successful bid for the Democratic nomination she will have left so much bile and poison in the political bloodstream that many Dems and independents will also choose to vote "present" and abstain from participation in the election process altogether due to their dissatisfaction with a seriously flawed candidate whose election would offer nothing more than more of the same rancor and vitriol that has paralyzed our government for the past two decades. We can expect an opposite, energizing effect on the Republican base and, with her at the top of the ticket, we jeopardize not only our chances to retake the White House, but also the opportunity to maintain or improve our majority in the Congress.

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